Current Domains

Below is a list of all the sites that I currently own and run.

Screenshot Domain:
Category: Blogs
Registered: July 12, 2011
“My personal site where I blog about my day to day life, fur babies, fandoms, and any other nonsense that crosses my mind.”

Screenshot Domain:
Category: Collectives
Registered: July 28, 2009
“My website collective.”

Screenshot Domain:
Category: Collectives
Registered: May 26, 2008
“On this domain you will find all the current and upcoming fanlistings that I own. All my fanlistings are listed at The Fanlistings Network.”

Screenshot Domain:
Category: Parked and Addon Domains
Registered: June, 2006 (lost it in 2008 to FMH when they suddenly disappeared off the Internet). Re-registered: August 27, 2010
“This domain re-directs to my fanlisting collective,”

Screenshot Domain: Muggle Rubbish Icons
Category: Graphics
Opened: October 28, 2005
“My 100x100 icon/avatar archive hosted under a subdomain at”